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Shri Shravasti Teerth

Chitrashala Road

Jain Idol  :

Shri Sambhavnath Bhagwan, white coloured idol in Padmasan position, about 105 cms in height.

Jain God Desc :


Jain Teerth :

Present on the main road of Shravasti village.

Speciality of Jain Teerth :

Being the place of Chyavan, Janm and Deeksha & Kevalgyan of third teerthankar Shri Sambhavnath Bhagwan. Muni Shri Kapil kevali has attain Moksh from this holy place. This is a Boudh teerth also. Bhagwan Goutam Budhha has spent valuable 25 years of his life in this area. Chinese & Burmi temples are also present in the city. The pooja timings in the Jain temple is at 7.00 am and 6.30 pm.

Managing Trust :

Shri Digambar Jain Teerth Kshetr Committee

Management Details of Jain :

Shri Digambar JAin Teerth Kshetr Committee- Shravasti, Chitrashala Road, Near Jain Mandir, Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh. INDIA. Telephone: 05250-65294.

Geographical Details :

History of Shravasti teerth begins with the formation of Janpad's by Yugadidev Shri Adishwar Prabhu. This place was the capitol city of North Kaushal Janpad. Many Jain Kings such as King Jitari, the father of third Teerthankar Shri Sambhavnath Bhagwan and others past here after Bhagwan Adinath. King Prasanjeet ruled this place at the time of Bhagwan Mahaveer. He was a loyal follower of Prabhu Veer. The main listener of Prabhu Veer King of Magadh Samrat Shrenik has wedded the sister of King Parasanjeet. This was also called by the names of Kunal Nagari and Chandrikapuri in the old days. Many Jain temples and Stoops (pillars) were present in this city. It is specified in history that greater king Samrat Ashok and his grand son King Samprati also constructed many temples and Stoops at this holy place. This teerth place is also descripting in "Brihatkalp". Chinese traveler Fahiyan has also described this holy place in his memories of traveling India during 5th century BC. One more Chinese traveler during 7th century BC, Hun-Yen-Sang, has described this place as Jet van Monastery. Later this was called as Manikapuri. This was ruled by King Mayurdhwaj during 900 AD, by King Hansdhwaj during 925 AD, by King Makardhwaj during 950 AD, by King Sudhavadhwaj during 975 AD and by King Suhridhwaj during 100 AD. All of them were Jain Kings belonging to Bhar Vansh. Dr. Bennet and Dr. Vincent Smith have also specified them as Jain Kings. Work done by King Suhridhwaj for strengthening religion and defending the temples in his empires from Muslim attack will always taken as a great reminder of history. He also defeated Mohamed Gazanavi. Acharya Jinprabh Surishwarji has specified this teerth as Mahith in his granth "Vividh Teerth Kalp" in 14th century of VS. During those days many Jin-home having big boundary walls, idols and Dev kulika's were present in this city. Doors of the temple use to shut down automatically at the time of Sunset and opens in the morning. This was said to affect of Shri Manibhadra Yaksha. A Lion use to visit the temple on the occasion of annual gathering and would go only after the completion of Aarti. Allaudin Khilji and his soldiers damaged this temple. Pandit Vijaysagarji and Shri Soubhagya Vijayji have described this teerth in 18th century. Number of ancient idols and inscription were recovered after digging Sahet Mahet area near Shravasti village. These are kept in museums at Lucknow and Mathura. Archeological Department has acquired an ancient temple present near the Mahet Fort. This place is described as the birthplace of Bhagwan Sri Sambhavnath. The damaged remaining at Sahet Mahet reminds the ancient ness of this place. At present this is the only temple present at this teerth place.

Historical Details :

Management Dharamshala :

Digambar Jain dharmshala is maintained by the trust and 45 rooms are also available in the mandir campus with the facility of free of cost bhojanshala.

Other Dharamshalas :

Last Chaturmast :

Future Plan :


Some other important Information

Telephone :

05250 - 65294

Post Office :


Railway Station :


Airport :

Road Route :

This holy place is based on the Balrampur-Bahraich road route, at a distance of 108 kms from Ayodhya, while just 16 kms from Balrampur and 45 kms from Bahraich stations. The pilgrims have to follow the road route of Ayodhya-Gonda-Balrampur to reach this place. Balrampur station is situated on the railway route Gonda-Gorakhpur of North-Eastern railway. Bus and taxi are fluently available from railway station between 5.00 am to 7.30 pm.

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State :

Uttar Pradesh

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Other Teerths :

The famous Bale Miyan Majar is present at Bahraich, which is 45 kms away from this teerth place. People of all the community visit this place to pray and fulfill their inner-hearted demands. According to myths famous about this place, the people affected from evil devil powers are cured after visiting this place.

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