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Shri Chanasma Teerth

Chanasma, PIN- 384220

Picture of Before 14th century of VS.
Picture of Before 14th century of VS.

Jain Idol  :

Shri Bhaeva Parshwanath Bhagwan alongwith Dhardendra Padmavati; Padmasanastha with parikar; Copper varn idol of about 23 cms ( 9 inches).

Jain God Desc :

Before 14th century of VS.

Jain Teerth :

This teerth temple is present in a mohalla of Chanasma village. Shravak from Bhatuar village near Idar, Shri Surchand found this idol underground. Since from that day his social condition started changing and gradually he started became wealthy. The news reached to the king, who asked him to present the said idol to him. Fearing the idol to be stolen, Surchand under grounded the said idol. Referring Vanshavali of Shrimali family, Shravak Shri Jayant shifted himself from his village (Nareli) to this place and constructed a temple and the moolnayak idol was re-established in the temple by the honorary hands of Acharya Shri Ajitsingh suriji during his travel in VNS 1804 (VS 1335).

Speciality of Jain Teerth :

The moolnayak idol, made up of sands, is very powerful. Rapid growth was seen in the social life of Shravak Surchand after he got this magical idol.

Managing Trust :

Shri Chanasma Jain Mahajan Pedhi

Management Details of Jain :

Shri Chanasma Jain Mahajan Pedhi; Moti Vaniyavad; At & Post: Chanasma; Dist.: Patan; State: Gujarat. INDIA. Pin: 384220. Telephone: (02934) 82325.

Geographical Details :

Historical Details :

According to some opinions, this teerth was established in 14th century of VS. Few Centuries ago, shravak Surchand of Bhatuar village, got this god gifted under grounded idol. Day by day growth in his health, wealth and popularity were marked after this incident. King of Idar Estate was frightened by his popularity and demanded this idol but Surchnd kept it underground. As per the specification of Veesa Shrimali family history, Jayant shravak has built a temple in his in-laws village and established the idol of Shri Bhateva Parshwanath Bhagwan in it during VNS 1804 (VS 1335) by the inspirations of Acharya of Anchalgatchh Shri Ajeetsingh suriji. Another specification says that Sharavak from Chanasma Shri Ravichandra has built this temple and established prabhu idol in it during VS 1535. Probably renovation work would have taken place at that time. Conclusions are made from all the above incidents that the prabhu idol is an ancient one, which might have under grounded for some period as per the time-scale.

Management Dharamshala :

Well equipped dharamshal with bhojanshala facility is present.

Other Dharamshalas :

Last Chaturmast :

Future Plan :


Some other important Information

Telephone :

02934 - 82325

Post Office :


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Road Route :

This holy place is 1 km away from Chanasma railway station, while it is 32 kms from Mehsana; 10 kms from Kamboj; 11 kms from Gambhu and 11 kms from Charup & Patan teerth.

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Tourist Place Nearby :

Other Teerths :

Shri Kamboj Teerth, at 10 kms. Shri Gambhu Teerth, at 11 kms. Shri Patan teerth, at 18 kms. Shri Charup teerth, at 18 kms.

Other Teerths Nearby :
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