` Shri Nageshwar Teerth Zalawad Rajasthan India

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Shri Nageshwar Teerth

Unhel, PIN- 326515

Jain Idol  :

Green (Harit) varniy idol of Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath in kayotsarg position of about 420 cms.

Jain God Desc :


Jain Teerth :

This teerth is present near Unhel village.

Speciality of Jain Teerth :

The Moolnayak idol of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan in Kayotsarg position is unique among the Shwetambar teerth places. Many people use to visit this place in the olden days when the idol was possesed by the Sanyasi Baba as the idol was very magical. Miracles occurs nowadays also.

Managing Trust :

Shri Jain Shwetambar Nageshwar Teerth Pedhi

Management Details of Jain :

Shri Jain Shwetambar Nageshwar Teerth Pedhi; At & Post- Unhel Village; Station: Choumahala; Dist.: Jhalavad- 326 515; State: Rajasthan. INDIA. Telephone: (07410) 40711/ 40715.

Geographical Details :

Historical Details :

The old temple was in damaged condition and was looked after by an sanyasi and the idol was not worshipped or maintained properly. Upadhyay Dharmsagarji Maharaj & Ganivarya Shri Abhaysagarji Maharaj has intimated & requested to the Jain Sangh of the area to take the initiative charge for its maintanance. Shri Deepchand Jain & Vasantilalji Dangi has the credit of highlighting this temple. Considering the damaged condition of the temple; Jain Sangh made a breif renovation plan and constructed present temple investing crores of Rupees. From its making 14 feet heigh moolnayak idol is considered to be 1100 years old, glowing such a way that it apears to be made of gems & jewels. 4 feet heigh idols made up of Sangmarmar stone of Shri Shantinath Bhagwan & Shri Mahaveer Swami are on either sides of moolnayak. Pratistha of the temple wasperformed in Samvat 2026. Because of effectveness huge number of pilgrims visits this temple.

Management Dharamshala :

Pedhi has constructed dharamshala at Alor. Pilgrims could ring and get arranged jeep, minibus or any other vehicle from dharamshala.

Other Dharamshalas :

Last Chaturmast :

Future Plan :


Some other important Information

Telephone :

07410 - 40711/ 40715

Post Office :


Railway Station :


Airport :

Road Route :

The holy place is situated in Jhalavad district but it is better to travell via Malva teerth. The nearest railway stations Vikramgarh Alot & Choumahala (Rajasthan) are 8 kms and 15 kms respectively. Pedhi has arranged jeep as well as minibus from station. It is 92 kms from Ratlam, 100 kms from Ujjain and 55 kms from Jaora near Unhel.

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Tourist Place Nearby :

Other Teerths :

Shri Jinkushal Suriji Dadawadi: The first standing idol of Dada Shri Jinkushal Suriji was established here on 2-5-1982 I.e. Vaisakh Sudi 10 of VS 2039 by the honorary inspirations of param pujya Shri Chandraprabha Shriji M. Sa. Situated near the Nageshwar Teerth temple, the idol is very attractive and magical. This is managed by : Shri Jain Shwetambar Khatargatchhacharya Shri Jinkushal Guru Dadawadi Trust, Unhel (Nageshwar); Railway station Chaumahala; Dist,: Zalawad; Pin: 326 515. Telephone No.: (07410) 40721.

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