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Shri Bheeladiyaji Teerth

Shri Bheeladiyaji Parshwanath Teerth Pedhi; At & Post: Bheeladiyaji; Taluka: Deesa; Dist.: Banaskantha; State: Gujarat. INDIA. Telephone: (02386) 3251

Jain Idol  :

Bluish idol of moolnayak Shri Bheeladiya Parshwanath Bhagwan of 53 cms in Padmasan position.

Jain God Desc :

Shri Bheeladiyaji Parshwanath Bhagwan

Jain Teerth :

This is an ancient temple which was renovated many times. Last renovation took place in VS 2027 and the idol was established on Jyeshtha Shukla Dasami by honarary Acharya Shri Bhadrasurishwarji. This temple is situated on the main road outside Bheeladi village.

Speciality of Jain Teerth :

Moolnayak idol being established by Shri Kapil Kevali and hence this teerth has become most important place among Jainism. Sources says thet the Bheempalli Gatchh have been created here. Shravak from Shariyad village tried to take this holy idol to their village before the Bheeladiya village was established. At that time the destroyed temple was in a dense forest and the idol was lying in a Bhoyara there. The idol turned into big size when they tried to take it away. Looking this amazing seen, they left it and went away. Mela is organised on every Poush Krishna Dasami.

Managing Trust :

Shri Bheeladiyaji Parshwanath Teerth Pedhi

Management Details of Jain :

Shri Bheeladiyaji Parshwanath Teerth Pedhi

Geographical Details :

Historical Details :

It is found as Bheempalli in Jain Shashtras but the history is not available. The moolnayak idol said to be established by Shri Kapil Kevali. As per another myth, this is of the period of King Samprati. According to a myth, a Shrenik kumar has wedded a Bheel girl and established this city on the name of her cast. Later on it is called as Trambavati Nagari. During those period 125 Shikharbandh Jain temples, 125 wells and many ponds with big markets and a Throne at the side of this temple were present in this city . Today also that place is known as Gaddisthal. Shri Jinchandrasuriji has allotted Deeksha to Shri Jinpatisuriji in the temple at Bheempallipur on Falgun Shukla 10 of VS 1218. Oswal businessman Shri Bhuvanpal Shah has renovated this temple in VS 1317. Businessman Shri Lakhamsinghji has established the idol of Shri Ambika Devi in VS 1344. As per sayings this city was put on fire in 14th VS century, probably Muslim extremist Allauddin Khilji would have destroyed this city at the time of attack on Patan city. Being Chaturmas, Shri Somprabhsurishwarji was present in the temple, spending his Chaturmas period here. With the help of Shrutgyan, he came to know about the destroyment of this temple. He immediately left for other place along with his number of followers. During VS 1872, Shri Daramchandra Kamdar has re-established the temple. Shravak from Bheeladi village took charge of the temple in VS 1872 and again renovated the temple in VS 1936. Last renovation took place in VS 2027 and the moolnayak idol was established by the honarary hands of Shri Bhadrasurihwarji Maharaj on Jyeshtha Shukla 10 of VS 2027.

Management Dharamshala :

A huge Dharamshala and Bhojanshala is also present in Bheeladi village.

Other Dharamshalas :

Last Chaturmast :

Future Plan :


Some other important Information

Telephone :

02386 - 32516

Post Office :


Railway Station :

Bheeladi, 400 meters

Airport :

Road Route :

This holy place is situated outside Bheeladi village on the main road, which is 24 kms away from Deesa.

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Tehsil :


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State :


Country :


Hospital :

Contacts of Trusts in Other States :

Tourist Place Nearby :

Other Teerths :

Shri Tharad Teerth at a distance of 48 kms. Shri Palanpur Teerth at a distance of 49 kms. Apart from this one more temple in the village.

Other Teerths Nearby :
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