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Shri Osiyan Teerth


Jain Idol  :

Swarn varniy idol Mahaveer Bhagwan, sitted in Padmasan mudra of 80 cms in height. This idol is said to be made by King Samprati, lied under tract for long and found & pratisthapit in the temple on Magh krishn 8 of 1017.

Jain God Desc :

According to Oswal Utpatti, mandir constructed in 1017.

Jain Teerth :

Mandir is said to be constructed by King Samprati and renovated many times as per the requirements. The moolnayak idol was pratisthapit in the temple on Magh krishn 8 of 1017. As per the old sayings, King of this area, King Upaldev, his senetar Uhad accepted Jainism alongwith many others in presence of Achary Shri Ratnaprabhusuriji Maharaj Saheb. This is the origin place of Ostwals. The temple was constructed after 7o years later from the period of Nirvad of Prabhu Veer.

Speciality of Jain Teerth :

Being the place of origin for the Osh Vansh, this teerth place has the importance in Jain history. The 7th pateshwar Acharya Shri Ratnaprabhu Surishwarji has converted the then ruler of this place King Upaldev, Mantri Uhad & many powerful Rajput's into Osh vanshiya Jainism after establishing Osh Vansh. Adhisthayak dev, famous as magical Puniya Baba, is established in the form of Naag-Nagin in the temple. These idols are said to be establish along with the Moolnayak idol. It is also said that Acharya Shri Ratnaprabh Surishwarji has re-named the adhisthayika devi Chamunda of the temple as Shri Sacchiyayaka Mata after his preechings. By the powers of her only the present mmolnayak idol of Shri Mahaveer Bhagwab was made from the mixture of sand and cow-milk. Annual function (mela) is organised on every Falgun Shukla Tritiya.

Managing Trust :

Seth Shri Mangalsinghji Ratansinghji Dev ki Pedhi and Sachhiyay Mata Trust

Management Details of Jain :

1.Seth Shri Mangalsinghji Ratansinghji Dev ki Pedhi; At & Post: Osiyan; Dist.: Jodhpur; State: Rajasthan. INDIA. Telephone: (02922) 4260. 2. Sachhiyay Mata Trust; At & Post: Osiyan; Dist.: Jodhpur; State: Rajasthan. INDIA. Telephone: (02922) 4260.

Geographical Details :

Historical Details :

This city were called as Upakeshpattan, urkesh, Melpurpattan & Navneri etc. in its olden days. As per the Upakeshgatchhavali (written in 14th century of Vikram), four century before Vikram about VNS 70, 7th Pateshwar of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan, Acharya Ratnaprabh Surishwarji has visited this place along with his 500 followers (Shishya's). King Upaldev was ruling the place and Uhad was his Chief-minister. Preeched by Acharya Shri, they acepted Jainism. He built a temple and established the moolnayak idol by the hands of Acharya Shri. This idol is described as been established by King Samprati in the "Osiyan Veer Stavan", written by Shri Naypramod, the shishya of Shri Heer Udayan in samvat 1712. It was recovered from the under ground by Uhad Mantri, who has accepted Jainism after being preeched by Acharya Shri Ratnaprabh Surishwarji and established that idol in a newly built temple on Magh Krishna 8 of samvat 1017. 'Oswal utpatti' describes that the Osiyan city was established by Uhad Mantri in samvat 1011 and the temple in samvat 1017. As per the archeologists, the arts of the temple were seems to be of the 8th century. It is described in the history of Korta that Jin idols of Korta & Osiyan teerth temples were established at a same time by Acharya Shri Ratnaprabh Surishwarji 70 years after Veer Nirvaan. History of Bhinmal also describes the establishments of temple in Upkeshnagar in the same period by Kumar Upaldev & Mantri. Many renovatory work have taken place after its establishment.

Management Dharamshala :

Dharamshala and Bhojanshala facility is available here.

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Some other important Information

Telephone :

02922 - 4260

Post Office :


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Airport :

Road Route :

66 kms away from Jodhpur city, this holy place is based on Jodhpur-Jaisalmer road. Pilgrims could reach here via Gangani Teerth.

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Other Teerths :

Osiya Mata Temple: Temple of the Kulmata Sacchiyay mata of Oshwal's. It is situated on a small hill and steps are made for climbing.

Other Teerths Nearby :
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