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Jain Idol  :

The moolnayak idol, made of sand concrete, of Shri Chintamani Parshwanath in padmashan mudra, shwet varn is about 105 cms in height.

Jain God Desc :

Established in Vikram Samvat 1459, the constrution completed in V.S. 1494.

Jain Teerth :

Started in V.S. 1459 the construction work took seventeen years and the ancient temple of Jaisalmer came into existence in V.S. 1473 after the pratishtha work performed by Jinchandrasuriji. The adjuscent temple consists of the idol of Shri Sambhavnath prabhu, was constucted in V.S. 1494 during the period of Maharaval Laxmanji and the idol pratistha was performed during the period of Maharaval Versi. Jinduttsuri gyan bhandar is present at the basement of Sambhavnath temple. The temple consisting idol of Sheetalnath bhagwan, made up of asta dhatu, is just opposite to this temple. It is of equivalent period to Shri Chintamani Parshwanath temple. While climbing up for the main temple pilgrims find the temples of Shri Shantinathji and Ashtapad prabhu at the enterance. At the basement; the idol of 17th Teerthankar, Shri Kunthunath is present as the moolnayak of the existing mandir, which was established in 1536 during the period of Maharaval Devkaranji and the pratistha of which was laid by Shri Samudrasuriji. Outside this temple, two other temples of Chndraprabhu Swami & first Teerthankar Rishabhdev Bhagwan were also constructed in 1509 & 1536 respectively. The makings of all these temples are very attractive. Everyday pooja is offered to 6600 jin idos. Mandir is kept open for visiting pilgrims between 8.00 am to 12.30 noon.

Speciality of Jain Teerth :

The artsists have not left any single corner without their attractive designed carvings on the stones used in temple construction. Jaisalmer is the unique city, where sample of arts is visible not only in the temples but also on each & evry house. City is famous for the collections of Jain-Grantha Bhandars. Collection of ncient spiritual books on Jainism could not available as such in any part of whole world. This attracts the thyosists. The chadar, Muhpatta (mouth cover) and the Choulpatta of first Dada Guru Shri Jindutt Surishwarji has been kept in the huge collections of Brihat Granth-Bhandar. Following grant-bhandar's are also exists in the city: 1. The Brihat Bhandar: prestnt in the fort. 2. Tapagatxhhiya Bhandar: prsent in the upashraya of Acharya Gatchh, 3. Brihat Khatargatchhiya Bhandar: present in the upashraya of Bhattarakgatchh, 4. Lonkagatchhiya Bhandar: present in the upashraya of Lonkagatchh, 5. Dungarsi Bhandar: present in the upashrya of Dungarsi & 6. Theeru Shah Bhandar: present in the court of Theeru Shah's haveli. Many Acharya's have visited this terth place. After coming to Jaisalmer, Jinvardhan Surishwarji has found the idol of Bhairavji established near the Moolnayak idol. He felt auckward and established the idol of Bahiravji outside the main hall. But amazingly, next day the idol was found in its old position. It was again established outside but the process was repeated. Seeing this Surii started preeching the mantras loudly and the idol changed its position by itself. Suriji placed two copper made structures (Mekhein). The Bhairav idol is very magical. MAny big businessmen viz. Shri Theeru Shah, Sanghvi Shri Pancha, Seth Shri Sandasa & Seth Shri Jagdhar etc. belonged to this holy city and have done many riligious work. Theeru Shah was very polite and a great donar. Shatrunjay Yatra Sangh, founded by him is very famous. The last renovatory work at Lodravpur teerth was done by him.

Managing Trust :

Jaisalmer lodravpur Parshwanth Jain Shetambar trust

Management Details of Jain :

Jaisalmer lodravpur Parshwanth Jain Shetambar trust; Jain Bhavan; Jaisalmer, Rajasthan;INDIA. Telephone: (02992) 52404.

Geographical Details :

Historical Details :

Rawal Jaisalji laid the foundation of Jaisalmer Fort on his name after establishing Jaisalmer City, on Sunday, the Ashadh Shukla Pratipada of VS 1212. His cousin Bhojdev Rawal was ruling the naerby State of which Lodrava was the capitol city. Due to some misunderstandings between them, Jaisal laid an attack on Lodrav city with the help of Mohamed Gazanvi. Bhojdev and his number of soldiers lost their lives and Lodrav City was conqured. Rawal Jaisal shifted the capitol of the State at Jaisalmer. As per an myth, the Moolnayak idol in this temple is the same idol which was established in the Lodra temple. It has carvings of Samvat 2 on it and would have been brought after the Lodrva city was destroyed. It was established on Falgun shukla 2 of VS 1263 by Shri Jinpati Surishwarji. Shreshthi jagdhar bored all the expences of the function. Some says that the establishment of the idol was performed by Shri Jinkushal Surishwarji. As per another myth, during the rule of Rawal Laxmansinghji, fondation of the temple was laid down in VS 1459 after the preching of Acharya Shri JInraj Surishwarji and the idol was established by Acharya Shri Jinvardhan Surishwarji in VS 1473. The cost of the function was bored by the Ranka Gotriya shreshthi Shri Jaisingh Narsingh. THe temple was named as Laxman Vihar. Many idols having carvings of 15th & 16th century are also present in the temple. Main temple having molnayak idol of Shri Parwshwanath Bhagwan is the main temple of Jaisalmer which is famous as Shri Chintamani Parshwanath temple. Other temples were established during 16th century.

Management Dharamshala :

Dharmshala with all necessities is available with Bhojanshala.

Other Dharamshalas :

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Some other important Information

Telephone :

02992 - 52404

Post Office :


Railway Station :


Airport :

Jaisalmer via Delhi-Jaisalmer airway.

Road Route :

Jaisalmer is 290 kms from Jodhpur, 165 kms from Badmer, 112 kms from Pokaran, 355 kms from Bikaner & 126 kms from Ramdevra. Train facility is twice a day leaveing Jodhpur at 8.45 am & 11.00 pm reaching Jaisalmer at 4.55 pm & 6.00 am respectively. Pilgrims could reach Jaisalmer via Pokaran from Jodhpur. Nakodaji could also be visited via Badmer from Jaisalmer panchteerthi, covering distance of about 285 kms. The roads are wide & very good in condition.

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Tourist Place Nearby :

Other Teerths :

Shri Amarsagar Teerth, present at the distance of 5 Kms from Jaisalmer on Jaisalmer-Lodravapur road.

Other Teerths Nearby :
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