` Shri Talaja Teerth (Taldhwajgiri Terth) Bhavnagar Gujarat India

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Shri Talaja Teerth (Taldhwajgiri Terth)

Shri Taladhwaj Jain Shwetambar Teerth Committee; Shri Jain Dharamshala; Nadikade; Post: Talaja; Dist.: Bhavnagar; State: Gujarat. INDIA. Pin: 364140.

Jain Idol  :

79 cms high blue coloured idol of Shri Sacha Sumatinath Bhagwan is present in the temple in Padmasan position.

Jain God Desc :

Established during twelth century by the king Kumarpal. Moolnayak idol of Shri Sacha Sumatinath Bhagwan would have been made during the rein of King S

Jain Teerth :

Present on the Sangam place of Shetrunji and Sarita rivers on a hill, this teerth was considered to be a part of Shri Satrunjay Mahateerthi in the olden days and still comes in the Satrunjay Panchteerthi. The caves on the hill, says the history itself.

Speciality of Jain Teerth :

This is a holy place of Shri Shatrunjay panchteerthi, counted as part (tunk) of Shtrujay hills. All the 32 caves (small & big) have been constructed without pillars. Such caves are unique. Prabhu idol is full of miracles (chamatkar); with the effect of its appearance complete area was relieved from the disease spread here during that period. Since then the idol is called as Sacha Sumatinath. Prabhu idol was established after last renovation of the temple and akhand jyoti has been lighted which is still in practice.

Managing Trust :

Shri Taladhwaj Jain Shwetambar Teerth Committee

Management Details of Jain :

Geographical Details :

Historical Details :

This was counted as part of Shri Shatrunjay Mahateerth in the olden days. Today also it has the opportunity of being a teerth of Shtrunjay panchteerthi. Ancientness of this place can be identified from the small and big caves present on this hill. Present temple is said to be built by King Kumarpal. It is described on the inscription found at Teemada village in VS 1264. Last establishment of the idol took place after the renovation work on Vaisakh Shukla 13 of VS 1872.

Management Dharamshala :

Dharamshala is present at the talahati of Taldhwajgiri.

Other Dharamshalas :

Last Chaturmast :

Future Plan :


Some other important Information

Telephone :

02842 - 22030/ 22313

Post Office :


Railway Station :

Talaja station, distance 1.6 kms

Airport :

Road Route :

Tanga is available from Talaja station. 32 kms from Palitana and 54 kms from Bhavnagar.

Via :

Tehsil :

District :


State :


Country :


Hospital :

Contacts of Trusts in Other States :

Tourist Place Nearby :

Other Teerths :

Shri Shatrunjay Teerth, at 32 kms.

Other Teerths Nearby :
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