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Shri Nagaur Teerth

Bada Jain Mandir

Jain Idol  :

Shri Adinath Bhagwan in Padmasan.

Jain God Desc :

Sixteenth century

Jain Teerth :

This temple, famous as the Bada Mandir, is said to be established during sixteenth century. The upashrayas of Tapagachha, Khatargatchh, Lokagatchh and Parshwachadrasurigatchh are present here. The artistic work on glass are very attractive.

Speciality of Jain Teerth :

Acharya Shri Jaisingh Surishwarji, the follwer (Shishya) of Shri Kanha Muni, has written the famous "Dharmopadesh Mal" at this place in a Jinalay during the rein of Bhojdev, the grand son of King Shri Amya. King Arnoraj has greeted Acharya Shri Vadidev Surishwarji during twelth century at the time of his entry to Nagaur. Kalikal Sarvagya Shri Hemchandracharya was honoured with Acharya post at this place in a magnificent function orgainised by Shreshthi Dhanad. Acharya Shri Jinlabdhi Suriji died here in VS 1406. Shri Parshwachandra Gatchh originated from this place. Upashrayas of Tapagatchh, Khatargatchh, Parshwachandra Surigatcchh and Lokagatcchh are still present in this city. Great shravak Shri Vardev Pallival belonged to this city. His son Aasdhar and grandsons namely Nemad, aabhat, Manik, Salakhan & Thirdev, Gunadhar, Jagdev and Bhuvana has done many religious works in Jain history along with the renovatory works at Shri Shatrunjay, Girnar, Abu-Delvada, Jalor, Taranga, Prahaladanpur, Patan, Charup and many other teerth place.

Managing Trust :

Shri Jain Shwetambar Mandirmargi Trust

Management Details of Jain :

Shri Jain Shwetambar Mandirmargi Trust; Bada Jain Mandir; At & Post: Nagaur; Dist.: Nagaur; State: Rajasthan. INDIA. Shri Jain Shwetambar Mandirmargi Trust; Bada Jain Mandir; At & Post: Nagaur; Dist.: Nagaur; State: Rajasthan. INDIA.

Geographical Details :

Historical Details :

This city was known as Nagpu in its olden days and was a center place of Jainism. Shri Kanha Muni has established a temple of Bhagwan Mahaveer during samvat 919. "Dharmopadesh Mala" writeen by his successor Acharya Shri Jaisingh Suriji gives discription of number of temples present during 9th century. Discription of presence of 7 emples during 17th century is present in "Nagaur Chetya Parpiati" written by one of the student of Acharya Shri Vishal Sundar Suriji. An idol present in the temple of Shri Shantinath Bhagwan built during VS 1515 has carvings mentioning samvat 1216. The temple of Shri Adinath Bhagwan was constructed during samvat 1596 at Heeravadi area. The main temple of this teerth is said to be established during sixteenth century and the other temples present here are built after seventeenth entury.

Management Dharamshala :

Dharamshala near the railway station. Tapagachha Jain Bhavan arranges for bhojanshala on prior intimation.

Other Dharamshalas :

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Road Route :

140 kms from Jodhpur, 116 kms from Bikaner, 287 kms from Jaipur & 160 kms from Ajmer this teerth is based in Nagaur. Railway station is just 2 kms from the temple. Differance between this temple & Falvriddhi Parshwanath Teerth (Medta Road) is 63 kms.

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Other Teerths :

Nagaur is famous for Copper pots, with the art of printing & colouring sarees & chunaries as the main business. Beautiful gardens developed in Mughal styles are very attractive. The Panch Gumbadiya Dargah of great Akbar and the Shaam masjid are the point of attraction.

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